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SPANISH: Strategic alliance for a global language

RETAIL SECTOR: artificial intelligence & competitiveness

GENDER: gap between men and women in welfare

STUDYING: Spanish language holidays ‘españoleando’

MANUFACTURING: working with refugees

TRADER: women are better

SPAIN: the fight against the high unemployment

SPAIN: Live and work where others go on vacation!

HEALTH: European fight against bacterias

BOGOTA IN BERLIN: Empathy Machine´s new sound

UK: the impact of a no-deal-Brexit

MUSIC: Mozart en vogue again

KISSES: All what you need to know

EUROPE: How the chinese slower growth affects us

VEGGIE REVOLUTION IN SPAIN: Lidl tries to be part of it

ENTREPRENEURSHIP: Too old for business?

TOUR GUIDE: discovering Madrid with Christine

GERMANY: Despite results below average, students satisfied

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