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How to meet your boss

Our Career Service is targeted at universities and business schools and institutes such as, training and employment centers. It serves anyone who wants to offer their students, graduates or employees an exclusive and sustainable service.

It is for those who are interested in a logical approach to the further career development of their graduates and think one step ahead than graduation of finishing the thesis.

1- Cultural Conciousness (30 min)

The cultural know how and the emotional intelligence that function as the basis of professional success.

2- Finding a job (45 min)

Where are jobs for qualified candidates right now?

How can I access these positions?

How do I apply for these jobs?

3- Living Abroad (60 min)

New country and new working culture.

Historical vision.

Geography, politics, economy and society (communities, culture, moral values and social standards).

Description of existing intercultural models.

How to live with stereotypes.

4- Working Abroad (30 min)

Professional local habits.

Aspects of local business.

Direction style.

Professional protocol.

Team work.

HR and the management of corporative efficiency.

Useful information about the country and its local culture.

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