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Amazon - most requested company

Amazon is in the number one spot, as there are an average 7,500 global online searches per month from individuals checking employee reviews to discover what it is really like to work at the e-commerce juggernaut. Accenture is in second place, as there is an average 5,100 worldwide online searches a month from interested applications to assess how former and existing employees felt/feel about working at the consulting giant based on their own personal experience. To consult a company in internet does not mean necessarily that they want to work in the group it is in these case mostly for the bad reviews and press the companies have with regard to working conditions. Interestingly Elon Musk’s Tesla features in fifth position, as there are an average 2,300 global monthly online searches from individuals keen to find out what it is like to work for the electric vehicle and clean energy . Often associated with long working hours and intensive workloads, it is perhaps no surprise banking and finance titans such as Deloitte (3,700), Goldman Sachs (1,900), KPMG (1,800) and Morgan Stanley (1,700) rank as some of the other prominent company’s prospective applicants are eager to check the first-hand working experience of former as well as existing employees.

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