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Legal jobs are well paid in the North

The European country with the fifth highest average salary for Paralegal is Germany, at €57,337. The European country fifth from the bottom for the average yearly salary is Portugal, with a yearly average salary of 26,842 euros. Fourth from the bottom is the Czech Republic (€22,643) and third from the bottom is Poland (€19,572). The second-lowest paid country for Paralegal jobs is Romania, with an average yearly salary of €12,369, whilst the lowest paid country for Paralegal jobs is Russia, at only €7,984 as an average yearly salary. The highest paying country for a Legal Secretary position is Switzerland! The average yearly salary equates to €68,140 (74,616 CHF )Denmark follows in second (€62,798), The Netherlands in third (€49,658), Belgium in fourth (€49,467), and Finland in fifth (€47,461). Rounding off the bottom five, ranking 16 out of the 20 countries analysed, is the United Kingdom. The average yearly salary for a Legal Secretary position in the UK is €21,312 (£18,501). In 17th is the Czech Republic (€20,196), 18th is Poland (€16,969), and in 19th place is Romania (€10,563). Switzerland once again takes the top spot, being the highest paying country for an Attorney role at €127,869. Norway lands in second place, at €108,759, whilst Denmark follows in third at €108,365, and Germany in fourth - €105,678.Ireland is the fifth highest-paying country for Attorneys, at an average per annum salary of €102,781. The highest paying country for Solicitor positions is Norway! The average yearly salary in this Scandinavian country is €129,313. Denmark follows in second place, with a yearly salary of €128,924, whilst Germany ranks third at €125,727 and Ireland places fourth with a salary of €122,281.Finland ranks as the fifth highest paying country, with an average salary of €117,848 per annum. The Czech Republic ranks as the fourth lowest, with a salary of €56,636, and Poland follows as the third lowest (€50,928), with Romania as the second lowest - €35,255. Unsurprisingly, the lowest paying country for Solicitor job roles is Russia, with a yearly average salary of just €20,722.
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