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Russia is on a bad course

Michael Wasiura, an American Freelance journalist who lives in Russia, relates that the situation in Russia is becoming seriously frightening with regard to press freedom and democracy in general. He speaks about the constitutional referendum engineered to extend Vladimir Putins term as Russia's president until 2036 that was postponed until July 1 and the Russian quick reopening after the Corona Crisis a skillful move because Putin's opinion polls are falling and he wants to pretend that all is back to normal. But ist not... Wasiura draws the parallel to Trump and China. He thinks that the United States does not show very capable at the moment and that he is sure that if Hillary Clinton had won, she would have fought for it and the corona virus would not have spread in this way and the current pandemic would have been prevented from spreading like this. Wasiura says about the Chinese government that they are certainly corrupt, but unlike the Russian government they are more concerned about the welfare of their country.
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