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Top 10 Countries for Teachers

With the average salary for French teachers standing at €23,544 and UK teachers at €38,279,  Switzerland has been found to pay their teachers, on average, an impressive €50,466 more than France and €35,731 more than the United Kingdom – a difference of 103% and 63% respectively. With magnificent natural scenery, a strong work-life balance and high salaries for teachers, Switzerland may be an alluring choice for teachers looking to make the move abroad. The second highest paying European country is Luxembourg, who has been found to pay its teachers, on average, €62,600 per year. At an impressive €44,876 extra a year in comparison to Italy – the teachers of Liechtenstein are earning a hefty 112% more than Italian teachers. With the average annual salary for teachers in Spain standing at €15,060, teachers in Luxembourg earn a hefty €47,540 more than their Spanish counterparts – a difference of 122%. San Marino is next on the list as the third-highest paying country for teachers in Europe. A unique, mountainous microstate – San Marino pays its teachers 130% higher than Greece. With an average annual salary of €57,800, San Marinian teachers earn an impressive €45,620 more annually. Placing in fourth place as one of the highest paying European countries for teachers and known not only for its breathtaking fjords, lakes and magical northern lights, Norwegian teachers can earn an impressive €18,893 more than their counterparts in Sweden – a difference of 41%.

The Top 10 Lowest Paying European Countries for Teachers

When converted from UAH to EUR, Ukraine has been found to pay their teachers, on average, €3,153 per year. With the average salary for UK teachers standing at €38,279, teachers in the United Kingdom could lose 170% of their income if they were to move to Ukraine to teach. The second-lowest paying European country is Serbia, paying teachers, on average, €5,103 per year. Teachers in Liechtenstein are currently earning nine times this salary and could lose up to 160% of their income if they were to teach in Serbia. The United Kingdom ranks 17th overall out of the 42 European countries analysed. With sixteen countries in Europe that currently pay their teachers, on average, a higher salary; teachers in the UK would have to undertake additional and more experienced roles, such as lead practitioner – with an average annual salary between €48,170 and €72,987 – to compete amongst the countries with the highest salaries for teachers in Europe, such as Switzerland and Luxembourg.
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