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The transportation sector offers easy job interviews

Among the companies with the easiest interviews are Walmart, Netflix and McDonald’s. Taking the lead as the job sector with the easiest interviews is transportation with an average difficulty rating of 2.48 out of a possible 5. According to reviews, the companies in this sector with the easiest interviews include CSX with an average difficulty rating of 2.90, FedEx (average rating of 2.50) and Old Dominion Freight Line (average difficulty score of 2.20). Which job industries have the hardest interviews? On the flip side of the scale, the hardest industry for an interview is the technology sector, with an average interview difficulty rating of 3.10 out of a possible 5. Among the companies contributing to its high score are NVIDIA with an average difficulty score of 3.20 according to their previous interviewees, Adobe with a rating of 3.0 and Google with the highest score of 3.30. With a score of 2.96, the energy sector places as third hardest for prospective candidates. If candidates have considered applying to TOTAL or Duke Energy Corporation, they are among the easier energy companies to interview for in the industry with a rating of 2.80 from past interviewees, as well as ABB with a rating of 2.90.
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