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Vets on TicToc earning money

In recent years, vets have taken to TikTok to share their insightful knowledge and advice with both experienced and first-time pet owners. But how much could some of our trustedTikTok vetsearn from their videos? Interested in earning potential, compiled a list of popular vets on TikTok and used to find out their potential earnings per video. TikTok’s highest earning vets 
Rank Name TikTok handle No. of followers No. of videos Estimated average earnings per post (EUR - )
1. Dr. Hunter Finn @dr.hunterfinn 2.1M 634 €1,495
2. Jessica Thompson @theswiftiekittens 1.3M 371 €1,272
3. Dr. Adam Christman @dr.adamchristman52 630.6K 481 €449
4. Dr. Shawna Huston @dogtor_huston 413.7K 396 €294
5. Dr. Matt McGlasson @dr.mattmcglasson 381.6K 512 €272
6. Cat/Catherine Henstridge @cat_the_vet 284.7K 95 €197
7. Dr. Angelo Martin Vargas @docgelotv 189.7K 286 €135
8. Dr. Trent Shrader @drtrentshrader 187.1K 104 €133
9. Dr. Andrew Jones @veterinarysecrets 154.2K 158 €109
10. Dr. Lindsay Butzer @dr_lindsaybutzer 111.7K 121 €79
Source: Dr. Finn’s most commonly viewed advice includes:
  • Staying away from particular products such as (some) jerky treats which have been linked to urinary tract disease
  • Being careful with bones - although these treats may last a long time, they can break teeth, cause perforations and gastrointestinal upsets if swallowed. This is the same for rawhides, which can also be difficult for our pets to swallow and digest.
Second on the list is Jessica Thompson (@theswiftiekittens) who could earn around €1,272 per TikTok post. The majority of her videos showcase a combination of various surgical veterinary procedures. Following in third is Dr. Adam Christman (@dr.adamchristman52) who could earn around €449 for each TikTok video. Dr. Christman mostly shares advice relating to pet health tips, as well as product dos and don’ts for your pets. Dr. Christman’s most commonly viewed advice includes:
  1. Elevate dishes - which can help minimise aerophagia, bloat and prevent food spillages
  2. Dog ramps - as dogs get older they may need a bit more assistance, regardless of the size of the dog
  3. Towel dry and avoid the shaking by gently holding their snout as you dry them off (not applicable to brachycephalic dogs such as Pugs and French Bulldogs).
Rounding off the top 10 is Dr. Lindsay Butzer (@dr_lindsaybutzer), who could earn roughly €79 per TikTok video. Dr. Lindsay Butzer not only shares the cutest dog breeds, but also advises viewers on how to take care of pets with particular conditions while answering the most asked questions. Dr. Butzer’s most recent advice includes:
  • Car sickness - With the festive season fast approaching, your dogs may be required to go on long car drives. For car sickness, there are anti-nausea medications available for them to take. (Seek your vet’s advice for the appropriate one for your dogs)
  • Don’t feed them human food as these often contain ingredients that are highly toxic for pets. A few examples include: Chocolate, macadamia nuts, grapes, onions and garlic. Processed food also contains ingredients that are very harmful when consumed.
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