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NOTODOFILMFEST: Equality in Film

SPAIN: Spanish culture vs the US

MADRID: City of avantgarde

LA BANDA: The Rhythm of Life

CHINA-EU: How to get right a wrong idea

BOGOTA IN BERLIN: Empathy Machine´s new sound

MUSIC: Mozart en vogue again

KISSES: All what you need to know

MALLORCA: a German actress runs the Film Festival

CATALONIA: hunger strike or media attention ?

TOURISM: Culture brings money

ITALY: Naples is always worth while

Christmas party and you

CHRISTMAS: We all love it

FINLAND: female composing with Kaija Anneli Saariaho

VISION: Henry Wanyoike and the Week of Sight

TIME OUT: How we get abused by companies

OPERA: El Teatro Real shows how to attract youngsters

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